Reasons why I chose to have a Gap Year

I may sometimes regret this decision, but it will all be worth it in the end!
I may sometimes regret this decision, but it will all be worth it in the end!

OK so my reasons behind having a gap year are key to the elements discussed on this blog – past, present and future.

The reasons have developed or changed over the last year or so but here they are.

  1. Save up some Money 

These days, doing any sort of higher education requires some serious financial commitments. A postgraduate degree can cost anything from £5,000 – £8,500 a year, as well as paying for my living costs as well (£5,000-£7,000).

Although the Tory government have made some vague promises about introducing new tuition fees for postgraduate students for September 2016, currently it is my personal responsibility to save up money as well as apply for a loan to pay my way.

Also, I would quite like to go back to Italy at some point next year – Eat Pray Love style. Sadly such a trip will not be free.

2. Choose the right MA course for me

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my course at Leicester & my flatmates (who I miss massively) so much. But Leicester as a place, was not as fab as I originally thought.

Therefore I want to get it completely right this time. I am devoting hours reading through courses and uni prospectuses trying to find the perfect course for me. Finally all that effort has paid off!

My mind has changed a couple of times about courses. First of all, I was settled on Manchester – I loved the course there, and I am very familiar with the city. Then between April-July my heart was set on Edinburgh – I absolutely loved the city & everything I had read about the city spoke to me. However, the course, was good, but not perfect.

Finally, through pure chance, I googled “history of fashion postgraduate”. Not expecting any results outside of London, I was amazed to find Glasgow’s Art History: Dress and Textiles Histories.

I have loved history of fashion since I was about 10 years old, ignited by watching period dramas with my Mum and my early passion for History. For years I have drawn historical dresses to match stories I have read, or an attempt to copy (and sometimes re-design) costumes from films or TV. Dream job: to design or consult on costumes for period dramas or films.

Fingers crossed I get in though!!!

3. Recovery 

As a continuation from the title of my blog, this year is about getting back on track – both mentally and physically. University had lots of ups and downs, and left me after three years, extremely overweight, battling anxiety and depression.

So in order that I can get the most out of my Masters, and even life in general, I decided that this gap year would be allocated for some serious recovery. I am back home with my parents, so despite some difficulties adjusting to life back here, I am actually getting somewhere! Mainly because my parents were not about to let me get any worse, so they have been there for me every step of the way.

This blog is going to document all the different aspects of my life this year!


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