Haddon Hall

Part of the beauty of working part-time at the moment is that I have free time for days out.

I was planning on going to Manchester for the day to try on clothes for my uncle’s wedding in Canada, however, I did not feel quite up to a day of changing rooms & stressing over sizes.

So I suggested to my Mum that we have a proper day out instead. Haddon Hall was chosen and off we went.

Picture of Haddon Hall from the bridge
Picture of Haddon Hall from the bridge

Some of you may recognise Haddon Hall from three different adaptations of Jane Eyre. So for a history geek and period drama fanatic, this was a lovely day!

People may wonder why I am posting this, well, a day like today is a valuable uplift, that was much needed.

My pictures did not come out well on my old phone, so I’ve used some from google too. The weather was lovely, so the gardens looked really pretty (definitely think this shows signs of me maturing, never noticed gardens before).

The gardens!

Also, days out like these, often involve eating out, whether it be at a cafe, tea room or restaurant. These are obviously filled with tempting foods like scones with jam & cream; Victoria sponge and chocolate tiffin (all of which caught my eye today). So this all tests my self-will and determination, as a few months ago, I would have happily eaten any of those things, alongside a sandwich (with crisps) or an ice cream.

I was obviously dreading lunch, worried that all my hard work was about to be undone!

It may seem ridiculous to some that people can be so “weak” – I hate using that word. But when a diet is going well (mainly due to lack of temptations in the house), a huge display of cake can do a whole lot of damage!

Nevertheless, crisis was averted and the mood of the day was not spoiled.

This is me as I walked round the Hall – mesmerised by the wooden engraving of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in the dining room, where Tudor roses adorned the ceiling.

As someone who has watched the BBC’s adaptation of Jane Eyre (2006) countless times I loved today. I could recognise where they filmed scenes throughout the house and gardens. For instance, that fearful window where Bertha was hidden away!

I wanted to post about Haddon Hall today, as personally, it was a mini milestone. These last few months has seen a drastic change in my attitude towards food – as a source for nutrition not for comfort binge eating.

Yet, I could not face the constant mirrors of shops in Manchester quite yet. It has ruined all self-confidence many a time before! So still have a way to go yet……


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