Alternative Meal Options

On Saturday evening – my Dad was going to cook paella for dinner. I however, suddenly can’t eat rice any more. Its cruel really, as my Dad’s paellas and risottos are the bees knees. Yet, paello and risotto (especially risotto), are not really that healthy either, so it could be a blessing in disguise.

When my family are making a meal or even a side dish, that I think is not healthy enough for my diet, I quite often make an alternative to suit my own needs. It is not as if my family are all sat there eating chippy dinners or takeaway – my family are quite healthy eaters, thanks to our allotment and our passion for home cooked food.

For example:

  • roast potatoes, mashed potato, chips = mashed sweet potato, sweet potato jacket, sweet potato wedges.
  • rice = bulgar wheat or an extra helping of veg
  • apple pie and custard = cooked apple and natural yoghurt

However, sometimes a whole meal (like the paella) needs to be replaced. So on Saturday, I really fancied something involving a poached egg. Poached eggs are a heavenly thing in my opinion (and I’m not religious). Those who have seen my instagram will see that they are the main stars.

So I made a poached egg on toast with…. mushrooms and french beans with tonnes of garlic – sounds weird to some. But it was delicious! It transformed a brunch style meal to evening dinner. (like those dresses you see in magazines that can be transformed from day to night wear).

I only had one piece of toast – and there was no guilt involved as it was home-made wholemeal bread that was accompanied by veg and protein (egg). As some of you may or may not know – if you’re gonna eat carbs, eat with protein, as the protein apparently helps break down the carbs easier = not as fattening or bad for you.

The camera on my phone has no flash = poor quality photo.  Yet, here is my dinner.
The camera on my phone has no flash = poor quality photo.
Yet, here is my dinner.

Often when I have made my alternative meals or sides – because of the extra effort to be inventive = no feelings of “missing out” or anything like that. I was utterly absolved by the bliss of the poached eggs, as due to an extremely active Saturday, two eggs did not bring any tinge of guilt whatsoever.

I shall continue to post my foodie adventures on here (brace yourself I cook a lot).

Any questions about anything I have mentioned on here email me on healthymindandbody1994@gmail.com. (if you fancy any more tips on healthy food substitutes). 


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