Avoiding Isolation


This is a follow on from my previous post about the different strategies I have used over the summer & autumn this year to cope with my anxiety and depression.

Avoiding Isolation is a key one for me, as I have always feared isolation and loneliness from a young age. The huge desire to fit in or “be liked” had a huge impact on how I behaved throughout school, college, university and now in the workplace. (more on that another time)

Throughout college & university I hung out with a large group of friends – which I loved! Seeing friends and socialising has the most unbelievable boost to my mood, as it not only means laughter but also makes me feel included and wanted.

However, it is not just friends that are important when your mood drops suddenly – family are always there (especially when you’re living back home). When I suddenly feel depressed or worried, the first instincts for me were to sleep it out (which does not work). Even just dragging myself from my bed or my room downstairs to have a brew with my Mum can have the most beneficial effect on my mood.

The avoiding isolation part is not just to lighten your mood, it is important for another reason. For me, it stops those invading thoughts of self-loathing or anxiety, prevents the over-thinking about an incident. Basically, it stops you from being left to the mercy of your thoughts.

So I or you text your friends to see if they can meet for a coffee or a drink, whether you talk over your issues, or avoid the topic entirely in order to talk about other things of a more light-hearted nature. Its up to you.

Or you could just chat to whoever is in your house, if you are unable to physically see someone = Skype, Google Hangouts etc are the wonder of the age. Keeping in touch has never been easier.

So yeah, this is not the best writing I have ever done, but I hope it gets my point across!

B x


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